AntiGravity Master Instructors

"I am incredibly proud of and grateful to the Master Instructors that represent AntiGravity Techniques.  They are not only very talented, but they are also beautiful, gracious and living the AntiGravity philosophy.  All of them care deeply about the quality of the AntiGravity programs they deliver as well as for the students they teach."

-  Christopher Harrison

Lorianne Major - Master Instructor

Lorianne is an AntiGravity Master Instructor and the Assistant Choreographer to Mr. Harrison of Antigravity AIRbarre. She has been performing since a very young age and holds a B.A. in dance from Dean College. When it came time for Ms. Major to “hang up her pointe shoes” sharing her vast knowledge as an instructor was essential, but her quest for learning had not diminished. Lorianne is also a Champion Twirler who comes from a lineage of acrobatics. Mr. Harrison noticed her athletic prowess and ability to create beautiful lines in the air. AntiGravity was a natural fit and she is part of the Inaugural AntiGravity Fitness NYC Team. With her huge smile, and Boston accent, through AntiGravity she has learned the importance of maintaining a solid body and mind connection and is grateful to be sharing her knowledge and passion with the world


Darlene Casanova - Master Instructor, Director of Curriculum & Training

Darlene has been teaching and performing for over 25 years and holds a musical theater degree from the University of Utah and Masters degree in Dance and Choreography from New York University.  She has co-developed AntiGravity®'s Kids programs having extensive experience in working with children and in early childhood development programming.  As Director of Curriculum & Training she oversees AntiGravity's teacher trainings worldwide and is in charge of refining and improving the techniques.  Born and raised in New Orleans she brings a unique and vibrant approach to fitness instruction.

Sayonara Motta - Master Instructor

Sayonara has been an International Fitness Presenter for more than 20 years. She is an award winning athlete from Brazil and holds a degree in Physical Education and has a vast knowledge in the training and performance areas of Yoga, Pilates and dance. She prides herself on precision, physical and mental lightness. Sayonara has been with AntiGravity since 2009, achieved Master Instructor status in 2012 with a specialty in Suspension Fitness and brought AntiGravity to Italy for the first time.


Josie Say - Master Instructor

Tamer Begum - Master Instructor

Tamer has found a passion for teaching yoga because of its inherent connection with quantum physics; how ones thoughts create their reality. By studying the connection of mind/body/spirit, his intention is to unify people while sharing his knowledge; helping people open their mind to a greater sense of self while giving participants a great physical workout. He currently resides in Hong Kong.

Vanessa McCowen - Master Instructor


Vanessa was first taught to fly with AntiGravity by Christopher Harrison in 2010. Over the last 5 years Vanessa has taught classes, delivered trainings and showcased AntiGravity Fitness with love and passion throughout Ireland and the UK. She has continued her journey with AntiGravity across Europe, Africa, Asia and is now currently based in Switzerland.