Basic Concept of the AG Advanced Training Institute, Asia

It is extremely beneficial to have an environment that supports learning when pursuing Advanced Trainings. Being in a peaceful natural setting allows one to leave behind the cares and concerns of the world and focus with a whole heart and mind on discovery and understanding.
AntiGravity® Fitness has a deep desire to create a rich learning experience for AntiGravity® Instructors who are interested in going higher and deeper into their base of knowledge. It is for this purpose that it has created AntiGravity® Advanced Training Institutes. As AntiGravity® Fitness grows worldwide, there an effort to establish AG Advanced Training Institutes in each major region on the planet. This allows for a concentration of energy and easy travel for AG Instructors.
The AntiGravity® Advanced Training Institute (AG-ATI-Asia) serving Asia is located centrally in northern Thailand near the city of Chiang Mai. AG-ATI-Asia is a direct 45 minute drive from the Chiang Mai International Airport. It is nestled in the tropical mountain rain forest at an altitude of approximately 2000 feet/700 meters. It has full lodging, food and a dedicated AG Pavilion surrounded by a mountain stream and gorgeous green trees and plants to the mountain tops.
Although AntiGravity® Fundamentals courses are occasionally offered at AG-ATI-Asia, the site is primarily devoted to the AG Advanced Training Courses. AG-ATI-Asia is also the site of AntiGravity® Fitness centered Retreats for both professional AG Fitness Instructors and persons generally interested in a genuine AntiGravity® Fitness experience.

The hours of the training are most often 9:00AM to 5:00PM, with a midday lunch-break (subject to the discretion of "AntiGravity® Fitness” and the "Teacher Trainer").
Basic Concept of the AG Advanced Training Institute, Asia