FLIPS & TRICKS: Superhero Sequences

FLIPS & TRICKS: Superhero Sequences

FLIPS & TRICKS: Superhero Sequences

This AntiGravity course provides exciting new content for those who wish to experience aerial fitness like an aerial acrobat.

You already know how to get into "Spiderman"... But can you fly like "Magneto" or "Iron Man"? In this course you will learn exciting flips and tricks so you can safely teach them to your students with easy to follow progressions. The course offers 5 new aerial sequences including one recovery sequence.

After taking this course you will be able to integrate the sequences into your existing movement vocabulary and spice up your existing class designs, or even offer your own "Flips & Tricks" Workshop.

What You Get

·       Masterclass with AG Master Instructor

·       Class Design

·       Connection and shared knowledge with other CAGI’s from around the world

·       The secrets to successfully teach flips & tricks in your classes

Live Virtual Course: 5 hour duration

This is a one-day course. It takes two (1) day courses for recertification.