The Art of Class Design

The Art of Class Design

The Art of Class Design

Grow beyond your existing AntiGravity Class Designs. Learn how to leverage your Instructor Manual to spice up, add variety, and create progressions in your classroom. This long-awaited and highly anticipated course is sure to support your mastery as an AntiGravity Instructor!   

In this Training you will learn:

·      How to create new variations and progressions for students of various levels

·      Secrets to enhance the content you already have

·      How to mix AntiGravity Programs

·      New ways to balance sections and sequences

·      How to develop your own, themed class designs

What to Expect:

·     A series of discussions and lectures for understanding and creating AG class designs

·     Group activities to lead you to success

·     Receive a Class Design template for creating your own class designs

·     Receive an AG Fusion Class Design with new variations from multiple programs

·     Presentation materials used in the course will be provided to you via AGDA upon completion 

This is a virtual course: 6 hours


An AntiGravity Hammock is recommended but not required.