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AntiGravity® Origins


AntiGravity began in 1991, in NYC as a confederacy of gymnastic athletes, who yearned to continue their love of the flip after their competitive years. Assembled by world-class gymnastics specialist and Broadway dancer Christopher Harrison, his style merged athletic power with the creativity of dance. Together, Team AntiGravity became American pioneers of contemporary acrobatics and the aerial arts.

AntiGravity has a rich history that spans all aspects of the entertainment industry, from Presidential Inaugurations and Olympic ceremonies to international ad campaigns and rock tours, from the top TV award shows to NY nightlife to the elite art houses across the globe they have been prolific at influencing pop culture with their form.

Along the path Christopher made numerous discoveries about the body and the mind, which he compiled into a methodology and philosophy now practiced around the world. His health and wellness creations are known as AntiGravity® Fitness techniques.Now considered a leader in the global expansion of the field of movement, Harrison's groundbreaking creations and kinetic inventions have inspired health and happiness through innovative performance and exercise techniques around the world.

Before bringing AntiGravity Fitness Techniques to the public, I spent eight years in development. I am a Broadway Aerial Choreographer with my own rigging company "Aerials by AntiGravity®" whose safety record is impeccable. We created training standards for aerials on stage for Actors Equity Association and assisted O.S.H.A. on developing safety protocol for live aerial performance. We are hired to fly celebrities from Mariah Carey to Richard Branson to Nathan Lane. Since launching AntiGravity Yoga in 2007, we have continued to create more suspension fitness programs and to refine and nuance every move and sequence to assure safety in both teaching and execution. AntiGravity techniques have been approved by AFAA, ACE, CYQ & Yoga Alliance. Your safety is my very first consideration. Christopher Harrison

AntiGravity<sup>®</sup> Origins