AntiGravity Affiliation

Unlock the Full Potential of the AntiGravity Fitness Program

Why Affiliate?

We understand first-hand that implementing an aerial-type fitness program can be overwhelming. The AntiGravity Affiliate program was created to address the most common questions about equipment, room set up and configuration, programming, and customer retention. 

Case Study: Four Seasons – Dallas

AntiGravity® Affiliation – What you Get

Technical Expertise

With its 20+ years of experience in the field of aerial entertainment and fitness, AntiGravity has developed a unique approach to maximizing a room setup. Since no overhead environment is the same in two locations, the AntiGravity Team collaborates with studio owners, contractors, engineers, and architects to determine the best solutions for your specific environment.

AntiGravity Speak

As the pioneers in the field of aerial yoga and fitness since 2007, we have learned the many ways to market to prospective customers and advise our Affiliates on the best approaches.

The Certified AntiGravity Instructor (CAGIs)

AntiGravity’s certification trainings are world-renowned and unparalleled. We bring a strong background in the entertainment field and understand how to keep an audience engaged. Combined with a rock-solid step-by-step approach to instruction, CAGIs are at the top of the aerial instruction field. CAGIs are supported by a plethora of continuing education courses, along with the AntiGravity Digital Academy (AGDA) – our digital learning and reference library, containing 1,000s of videos and other helpful teaching tools.

Flexible and Diverse Programming Options

We offer certifications in 9 techniques. This allows operators to offer their clientele an unprecedented variety in programming – ensuring the ability to change your offering periodically and keep customers interested!

As an Affiliate…

 You will be equipped to offer innovative aerial programming in a cost-effective way – bringing new clients in your door and keeping current clients coming back. You will also be able to train more of your staff, keep them certified, and retain the very best people with increased training opportunities. At the Silver affiliation level, you gain access to our Teacher Training revenue share model. This option empowers you to increase profitability and train your staff at a deep discount.

  • Brand your business with the best, distinguishing it from competitors
  • Receive setup support and the industry’s highest quality equipment
  • Have the industry’s best-trained instructors
  • Gain access to time-tested techniques, keeping your clients coming back
  • Get AntiGravity training and equipment discounts
  • Become part of a global network of aerial fitness leaders
  • Have peace of mind

The Right Affiliation For You

Although aerial yoga and suspension fitness are relatively new, AntiGravity is the pioneer. We launched the very first aerial yoga program in 2007 and have been innovating and developing new content ever since. No one knows the aerial fitness business as we do: It’s our passion!


Best for…

  • New or multipurpose studios
  • Smaller studios
  • Certified AntiGravity Instructors who are ready for the next step


Best for…

  • Expanding your business
  • Starting new income stream (host a teacher training)
  • Certifying staff in-house
  • Maximizing profitability
  • Turning teacher training into revenue makers
  • Gaining competitive advantage


Best for…

  • Established silver affiliates who are interested in a larger market share
  • Organizations with multiple locations
  • Growing a sales territory as an AntiGravity stakeholder

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*Buy min. 6 AG Hammocks
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Studio set-up support

AGDA Membership Included

Basic Studio Setup

Ready to dive in? Download our basic studio setup guide for information on how to get started.

Internationally Accredited By:

NASM — National Academy of Sports Medicine
AFAA — Aerobics & Fitness Association of America
Fitness Australia
CYQ — U.K.