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How much does an AntiGravity® Fitness Teacher Training cost? 

Pricing depends on the type of teacher training you are interested in. Click here to view full list of instructor trainings .

Where are AntiGravity Teacher Trainings held? 

We offer virtual and in-person trainings at multiple locations throughout the world and in several time zones.  Click here for the current  schedule.

What will I learn during an AntiGravity® Fitness Teacher Training?

Although the training is a short period of time, it is very extensive and thorough. From the AntiGravity® Fitness philosophy to the exact sequencing and progressions, to the maintenance of the hammock, to how to structure a class, you will be given everything you need to know in order to teach a class. Whether or not you want to become an instructor or just deepen your at-home practice, success has to do with the time you put in to learning the technique thoroughly.

I am certified in aerial yoga by another company, does that count?

In order to receive AntiGravity Fitness certification, you must take Fundamentals. Other aerial certifications do not count as they are not based on our techniques. 

What options are there to renew my certification?

Each  option below will re-certify you but offer a different path depending on your capabilities and interest: 

1.     Advanced Training: 2-day program where you learn new skills, build on existing knowledge, and offer your clients new content. 

2.     Refresher Course: This is the only rectifying 1-day course which provides: 

a.     1 master class taught by a qualified Instructor Trainer / Master Instructor. 

b.     New variations to poses and sequences. 

c.     A new class design. 

d.     A review of basic spotting techniques. 

e.     Individualized peer to peer discussion on challenges. 

3.     Retaking a Teacher Training: revisit a training to review content in more depth, fine tune pose execution, spotting, and understand specific layers of cueing you may have missed before. 

4. Take any two 1-day courses (such: The Art of Class Design and D-kink).

What if my certification has expired?

Many locations, including AntiGravity Affiliates, require their instructors to maintain active certification status. It is always a good idea to keep active.

Where can I take a training?

You can take a virtual training from the comfort of your home or attend an in-person training.  All AntiGravity teacher trainings are listed here

When does my certification start?  

2 years from the last date of your training.  Example: If you take Fundamentals 1&2 on March 15-17, 2022, your Certification expires on March 17, 2024. If you then take Aerial Yoga 1 on June 1-2, 2023, your Certification expires on June 2, 2025. 

When I take two or more trainings in one year, do I get 4 years or more of Certification?

No, you do not get 4 or more years. Your Certification expires two years from your LAST training. Therefore, your Certification will expire two years from the date of your last training. Example: If you take Fundamentals 1&2 on March 15-17, 2022, your Certification expires on March 17, 2024. If you then take AY1 on June 1-2, 2022, and SF1 on June 20-21, 2022, your Certification expires on June 21, 2024. 

Does it matter when I take the test after completing a training course?

It is in your interest to complete any testing requirements as soon as possible.  Your Certification date will be the last day of your training, not the date you complete any testing requirement. 

Does paying for AGDA renew my Certification?

As of January 1, 2022, AGDA membership is not required to maintain active status. AGDA remains available as an optional subscription and a valuable tool for instructors to access reference materials and content updates. 

I haven’t taken a training in the last 2 years, but I have been renewing my AGDA membership.  How do I know when my Certification expires?

After January 1, 2022, your Certification status will expire when your AGDA membership expires.

Does taking additional Trainings automatically renew my AGDA membership?

Each training comes with a free 90-day membership to AGDA. 

Does my Training count towards Continuing Education Credits / Units (CECs / CEUs)?

Yes, ALL of our programs are approved by AFAA (Athletics and Fitness Association of America) and NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) for Continuing Education Credits / Units. To claim your Credits,  follow each organization’s protocols and use our Provider number that is listed on your AntiGravity® Fitness Certificate.

What things can I do to prepare for the AntiGravity® Fitness Teacher Training?

Ideally you have taken AntiGravity® classes or have a home practice on an AntiGravity Hammock. However, if that is not an option, you can study the website to learn more about AntiGravity® the company, get your core strong and go over your anatomy terms. Be sure to sign up / register HERE and follow the host studio’s policies and procedures surrounding payment, schedule, paperwork, dress code, etc. 

What qualifications are needed for certification?

There are no specific prerequisites to attend an AntiGravity Fundamentals training. Previous certification in Yoga, Pilates or any other Fitness program is helpful, but not required. 

What is the testing process?

Throughout the Teacher Training, there is ongoing assessment and feedback from the Instructor Trainer.There is a practicum on the last day of every training with the opportunity for immediate feedback from the Master Trainer. This determines pass/fail at the discretion of the Master Trainer and our testing protocols. Upon completion of the in-person attendance of the training, certification is granted upon successful completion of an online, open-book, test. 

Once I pass can I immediately begin teaching?

Practice makes perfect, of course. However, our trainings are designed to set you up for success and you should be able to teach an AntiGravity class right after your training. 

I'm already a Certified AntiGravity® Instructor but my manual is outdated. How do I get a new manual? How much does it cost?

AGDA always has the most updated version of our manuals digitally. If you prefer a printed copy, you can request a hard copy to be shipped to you. Prices vary depending on course, number of manuals, and location to be shipped. To request, email training@antigravityfitness.com  Please note: Active status is required to receive an updated Manual. Be sure your AGDA membership is up to date.

Can I teach wherever I want to once I pass the certification?

We strongly recommend that you teach at an AntiGravity Affiliate/ Licensee. This ensures that AntiGravity Hammocks are present and that you are in an environment that is setup according to our standards. If you teach at a location that is not an AntiGravity Affiliate, you may teach an AntiGravity class, as long as it is taught on AntiGravity Hammocks. Classes that are taught on non-AntiGravity equipment may not be called or advertised as “AntiGravity”. 

One-time Initial Affiliation Fee, Affiliation Renewals & Upgrades

You can get started as a Bronze affiliate just by purchasing 6 or more AntiGravity hammocks, or you can become a Bronze affiliate for only $500 for the first year. Maintaining your affiliation is easy with a yearly renewal fee of only $350.

As a Silver affiliate you will receive expanded benefits for $3,500 for the first year. Thereafter, the yearly renewal fee of only $1,000 can keep you on top of your game.

To become a Gold affiliate, you will need to be a Silver affiliate for a minimum of one year. After that, you can upgrade to Gold. This ensures all safety standards are met and that you’ve optimized your return on investment first. With a stable Silver foundation to grow from, you will maximize your aerial fitness revenues as a Gold affiliate.

Schedule Your Free Studio Set-up Consultation

Our experienced AntiGravity staff will help you get your studio set up right. They’ll work with you to ensure you are meeting all the safety standards. And they’ll help you configure a layout that optimizes profitability. Once you are an affiliate at any level, you can schedule your free set-up consultation at any time. Consultations can be by phone, e-mail, or Skype.

Hammock Discounts: Outfit Your Studio for Less and Earn a Percentage on Hammock Sales

As an affiliate at any level, you automatically receive a discount for all your hammock purchases when you check out online. Bronze affiliates receive a 10% discount and Silver affiliates receive a 25% discount. Gold discounts vary based on volume and number of locations.

Put Our Web-Based Antigravity Global Directory and Marketing Programs to Work for You

Every day, hundreds of potential clients use the web-based AntiGravity Global Directory to find classes and instructors in their area. As an affiliate, you will be the first they find. Plus, you can draw even more potential clients into your studio by leveraging your profile package and linking with our website.



“The AntiGravity Class Designs are very fluid and challenged my body and mind. And it goes without saying…FUN! The Hammock is nothing like I’ve ever experienced before — it took it up a notch! I grew as a student and as an Instructor with your guidance and confidence to deliver!

I was open to trusting the Hammock, and most of all, I felt very comfortable with learning and following your cues as well as seeing your own strength and flexibility to demonstrate precisely. That said, you made me feel safe, and let go!”

– Carolyn, Canada

Internationally Accredited By:

NASM — National Academy of Sports Medicine
AFAA — Aerobics & Fitness Association of America
Fitness Australia
CYQ — U.K.