The AntiGravity Hammock

Often Imitated, Never Matched

9 Things to Love About the AntiGravity Hammock

The Original Yoga Swing
  1. Simple and versatile. One hammock, many uses—from supercharging athletes to therapeutics, from child’s play to meditation.
  2. Authenticity. The same fabric trusted by professional aerialists.
  3. Engineering. Its specific tensile (stretch and resistance) maximizes support and comfort—to optimize your yoga and fitness practice.
  4. Safety. Stress-tested to withstand forces above 1,000 lbs (453 kg).
  5. Infinitely adjustable. All heights, all sizes, all ages, all abilities.
  6. Easy to use. Setting up is simple.
  7. Easy to clean. Durable fabric, machine washable.
  8. Luxurious feel. Ample fabric, large range of colors.
  9. Highest quality hardware.

Look What You Can Do in Your AntiGravity Hammock


It’s not just a yoga swing for exercise. The uses of your AntiGravity Hammock are limitless.

  • Workouts
  • Yoga
  • Dance
  • Pilates
  • Meditation
  • Therapeutics
  • Relaxation
  • Play
  • Zero-Compression Inversion

Does it really matter what aerial hammock I use for my workout classes or yoga practice?


Yes, it does. Self-care starts with setting yourself up for success. And that means choosing the hammock optimized for your health and fitness practice. The AntiGravity® Hammock, is the yoga swing that facilitates your transformation. A lesser aerial yoga hammock can inhibit it.

How is the  AntiGravity Hammock different?


Everything about the AntiGravity Hammock is designed to maximize your performance, comfort, and safety:

Safety, Testing & Quality Control


The vast majority of aerial hammock products on the market are not stress-tested, nor are they subjected to quality control measures. The AntiGravity Hammock is.

The AntiGravity Hammock is the result of rigorous research, decades of development, and consistent load testing. It easily withstands forces in excess of 1,000 lbs (453 kg). The specialty “flyers’ fabric” provides strong support with maximum comfort, so you can “fly” with confidence.

Proprietary Fabric

The AntiGravity Hammock is not made from repurposed parachute material or “silk.” The specialty “flyers’ fabric” is engineered to provide maximum comfort through a proprietary weave that gives it just the right balance between tension and stretch. It is durable, washes easily, and can be balled up for easy travel, weighing next to nothing.

Size Matters

The AntiGravity Hammock was created in conjunction with the actual technique. That means it is the optimum size for working out and playing in. Other hammocks may limit what you can do, whereas the AntiGravity Hammock was designed with endless possibilities in mind.

Get Your AntiGravity Hammock

What if I’m not doing AntiGravity?

Will it still maximize my performance?

If you are doing an aerial yoga or fitness class that is not AntiGravity, the AntiGravity Hammock can make them more fun and effective for you. The AntiGravity Hammock is an authentic aerial yoga and fitness hammock. The hammock’s specialty fabric optimizes comfort and support, so you can do things like extend further, hold longer, and transition more easily.

Is it adjustable?

Yes. The height of the AntiGravity Hammock adjusts easily, so you are not locked into one position. The same hammock can be used at varying heights, and can be used interchangeably by adults and children because it is easy to adjust.

Is it easy to hang? Does it come with hardware?

Yes. The AntiGravity Hammock is easy to set up. The hammock kit includes high-quality hardware and step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow. The hammock can be hung indoors or outdoors, from a ceiling, doorframe, or freestanding frame.

Is it easy to clean?


Yes. The durable specialty fabric is machine washable. Wash your hammock with mild detergent and tumble dry on a low-heat setting. You will get many years of use from your AntiGravity Hammock.

The Christopher Harrison Original

— and Still the Standard

The AntiGravity Hammock is the authentic aerial hammock (aka yoga hammock or “silk” hammock) that was originally created by Christopher Harrison. He was the first to develop the aerial hammock for yoga and fitness. Simultaneously Harrison developed the AntiGravity Fitness technique and the Zero-Compression Inversion, launching what is now known as “aerial yoga” and “aerial fitness.” Harrison continually improved his hammock over time. It is known today as the AntiGravity Hammock. Its current, exacting specifications are optimized for success with AntiGravity Fitness and most other aerial yoga and fitness classes.



“I love EVERYTHING about these classes. I regularly and enthusiastically recommend AntiGravity to my friends and colleagues. It’s a wonderful natural high and my body has been gaining functionality and mobility since day 1. Wish I could go every day! – Meddy, New York City

Internationally Accredited By:

NASM — National Academy of Sports Medicine AFAA — Aerobics & Fitness Association of America Fitness Australia CYQ — U.K.