A GRIP is how a person holds the Harrison Hammock with their HANDS. AntiGravity Fitness has many different types of GRIPS. Here are a few examples: BasicGrip                                             ReverseGrip                                   ...

Definition BasicGripStacked

A BasicGripStack starts with a BasicGrip around the Harrison Hammock with one hand then you stack the other hand on top as if you were holding a baseball bat.

The usage of DoubleThumbTrap

DoubleThumbTrap is used for Wraps and Mounts For example: PouchWrap Mount. DoubleThumbTrap   Gather to Plumbline Relationship   Press down to Releve and Lift knee to bring hip back into Harrison Hammock Booty into Harrison Hammock   PouchWrap...

Definition: Chillax

Chillax is a Pose. The Pose requires starting in front of the Harrison hammock, BackWrap, then Back Lean. Posture ends by crossing arms above head and one foot over the other.


There are 10 basic principles that support the physics, energy of motion, and one’s physical relationship to the Harrison Hammock

GraVoc Lesson 1

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