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Deepen your knowledge with a 1-Day Course

1-Day courses are fun and provide knowledge and tools to deepen your understanding of aerial yoga and aerial fitness techniques. 1-Day courses do not provide certification renewal, but if you attend 2 of them in a 12-month period, your certification is renewed for 2 years! If you’re not AntiGravity certified, there are courses for you as well.

AG 1on1

Formats: Live and Virtual
Length: 1 day (8 hours)


  • One day of instruction with a certified AntiGravity Master Instructor
  • AG 1on1 Instructor Manual
  • Ongoing support through AntiGravity Digital Academy (AGDA)
  • Three sequences containing: spinal decompression, leveraged stretching and joint mobilization, floating undulation, levitating resting

Prerequisites: Open to all Personal Trainers and already Certified AntiGravity Instructors (CAGIs). Knowledge of anatomy and physiology recommended.

Approved by: NASM (0.6 CEUs), AFAA (6 CEUs)


This one-day course will teach you to:

  • Understand and apply AG nomenclature and principles
  • Guide and spot inversions
  • Understand, and cue correct functional alignment
  • Learn program specific grips, wraps, traps, mounts & dismounts for safety
  • Leverage the AntiGravity Hammock for providing optimal and efficient stretches for all body types and levels.

The AG 1on1 certification will set you apart from your colleagues.

Flips & Tricks: Superhero Sequences

Formats: Live and Virtual
Length: 1 day (8 hours)

Includes instruction with a certified AntiGravity Master Instructor and supporting video materials through AGDA

Prerequisites: Open to all Certified AntiGravity Instructors (CAGIs) .

Experience Aerial Fitness like an Aerial Acrobat and learn fun and exciting flips and tricks – only at AntiGravity.

SPICE UP YOUR EXISTING CLASS DESIGNS: Whether your students have been requesting more challenging moves, or if you are looking for new challenges for yourself – this is the course for you!

The Art of Class Design

Formats: Live and Virtual
Length: 1 day (6 hours)

Grow beyond your existing AntiGravity Class Designs. Learn how to leverage your Instructor Manual to spice up, add variety, and create progressions in your classroom. This long-awaited and highly anticipated course is sure to support your mastery as an AntiGravity Instructor!

In this Training you will learn:

  • How to create new variations and progressions for students of various levels
  • Secrets to enhance the content you already have
  • How to mix AntiGravity Programs
  • New ways to balance sections and sequences
  • How to develop your own, themed class designs

What to Expect:

  •  A series of discussions and lectures for understanding and creating AG class designs
  •  Group activities to lead you to success
  •  Receive a Class Design template for creating your own class designs
  •  Receive an AG Fusion Class Design with new variations from multiple programs
  •  Presentation materials used in the course will be provided to you via AGDA upon completion

This is a virtual course: 6 hours

An AntiGravity Hammock is recommended but not required.

Mindfulness and Meditation in Motion: FUSING SOUND & SENSES

Formats: Live and Virtual
Length: 1 day (6 hours)

In this course, explore guided meditations, new movement sequences and even a new inversion called Praying Mantis. Leverage the AG technique and hammock to create unique sensory environments, (sight, sound, smell) that support altering the state of being in your students: from stress to joy, from anxiety to bliss, from judgement to acceptance. To become more mindful, it helps to get a boost now and then.  Mindfulness in Motion, is exactly that, a reprieve from the daily grind and a supercharger for enhancing mindfulness in your students.

  • Discover new tools to integrate into your classroom.
  • Learn to create and lead unique sensory environment meditations
  • Explore breathwork, the power of sound healing, aspects of light, and aromatherapy
  • Go deeper into the AntiGravity philosophy.
  • Receive meditations and online training materials

 What to Expect:

  • New Guided Meditations
  • New Class Design
  • New movement sequences and variations
  • New GWT’s
  • New corresponding written and video materials provided to you via AGDA

This is a virtual course: 6 hours

An AntiGravity Hammock is recommended but not required.



“I love EVERYTHING about these classes. I regularly and enthusiastically recommend AntiGravity to my friends and colleagues. It’s a wonderful natural high and my body has been gaining functionality and mobility since day 1. Wish I could go every day!” – Meddy, New York City

Internationally Accredited By:

NASM — National Academy of Sports Medicine
AFAA — Aerobics & Fitness Association of America
Fitness Australia
CYQ — U.K.