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AntiGravity Pilates certification is for everyone

It’s limitless.

With the resistance of springs removed, the emphasis returns to the core. Weighted movement in Pilates is extremely beneficial and necessary. However, by also training on the AG Hammock, the student is reminded that the Powerhouse (core) is where every movement is initiated and controlled.

It’s empowering.

An AntiGravity Zero Compression Inversion aligns and decompresses the spine setting the body up for success. Students achieve neutral spine and pelvis more comfortably and can access greater spine mobility – right from the start of class.

It’s multidimensional.

AntiGravity Pilates is a fusion technique drawing from Classical and Contemporary pilates exercises. It stays true to the principles and goals of the Pilates methodology while expanding the vocabulary to include full inversions.

  • The AntiGravity Hammock serves as an all-in-one apparatus replacing the need for Reformer, Cadillac, and Ladder Barrel.
  • The AntiGravity Hammock provides support for Mat exercises making them accessible to a greater variety of students.
  • Instability is leveraged to achieve a stronger, more supportive core.

Find out why AntiGravity Pilates is the next evolution of the unparalleled Pilates method.

What You Will Learn

AG Pilates

Formats: Live and Virtual
Length: 2 days (16 hours)


  • Two days of instruction with a certified AntiGravity Master Instructor
  • AG Pilates Instructor Workbook
  • Ongoing support through AntiGravity Digital Academy (AGDA)
  • Three AG Pilates class designs—and the ability to create your own.

Prerequisites: Open to all Certified AntiGravity Instructors (CAGIs). (Requires successful completion of AG Fundamentals instructor training.) Knowledge of anatomy and physiology recommended.

Approved by: NASM (1.6 CEUs), AFAA (15 CEUs)

Certification: Taking this course will renew your certification for 2 years.


This two-day course will teach you to:

  • Understand and apply Pilates nomenclature and principles
  • Facilitate inversions, including the Zero-Compression Inversion
  • Understand, scan, and cue correct functional alignment in accordance with Contemporary Pilates principles
  • Create a flowing exercise class drawing from a combination of AG and Pilates movement sequences
  • Cueing, scanning, and spotting for ease of movement
  • Learn program specific grips, wraps, traps, mounts & dismounts for safety
  • Activate the Powerhouse (core) using Pilates breathing techniques
  • Confidently lead a successful, well-rounded AG Pilates class

The AG Pilates certification opens new professional opportunities worldwide.



“I love EVERYTHING about these classes. I regularly and enthusiastically recommend AntiGravity to my friends and colleagues. It’s a wonderful natural high and my body has been gaining functionality and mobility since day 1. Wish I could go every day!” – Meddy, New York City

Internationally Accredited By:

NASM — National Academy of Sports Medicine
AFAA — Aerobics & Fitness Association of America
Fitness Australia
CYQ — U.K.